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 The Thing about Nagato's rinnegan.

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The Thing about Nagato's rinnegan. Empty
PostSubject: The Thing about Nagato's rinnegan.   The Thing about Nagato's rinnegan. EmptyTue May 15, 2012 3:32 pm

Okay, so.

Nagato’s rinnegan.

Madara apparently said that he was the one who gave Nagato the rinnegan. However, I don’t believe he did. Not directly anyway. Okay, so, this is my theory.

This is all the info we know up to now. Nagato is an Uzumaki. And he has the rinnegan. Uzumakis are distantly related to the Senju.

Madara has the rinnegan, doesn’t he? But how he managed to activate that is still unknown. All he said was it was some evolvement of the Sharingan. BUT ALSO, he posseses the Senju DNA.

Now, the Rikudu Sennin had the rinnegan too. And the Juubi had the sharingan. But it’s unclear if Rikudu Sennin activated the rinnegan before OR after he became the jinchuriki. I believe it was AFTER he became the Jinchuriki.

I know you all are thinking, “WTF, Micha, I hope you’re going somewhere with this shit.” Now hear me out.

My theory is that, all Madara gave to Nagato was his EMS! He did NOT give Nagato the rinnegan. After Madara gave Nagato the EMS, he activated rinnegan since he has the Senju blood too. I believe that the rinnegan is only evolved if you have the Senju DNA and the Sharingan.

This makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, Madara has Sharingan AND the Senju DNA, thus activating the rinnegan. Rikudu Sennin had the Senju DNA (obviously, he was the ancestor) and then gained the Sharingan after Juubi was sealed inside him (according to my theory) thus, activating the rinnegan. Now, since Nagato has the senju blood, and if Madara WERE to give the EMS to Nagato, why WOULDN’T he activate the rinnegan??



Now you all must be wondering what this has to do with the latest chaps. I mean, it’s all in the past, who cares. But if this theory was true, then Sasuke will NOT be able to activate rinnegan during the war (was that a “YAY!” or a “F*CKK!!!”??)

UNLESS, Tobi raped some Senju cells in to him during the eye transplant.



Yeah, so yes. My theory is that Madara gave Nagato the EMS, and he activated the rinnegan after.

And you all know I hold on very firm to my theories. And also one of the many reasons I want this to be true is so my SasuNaru fantasies would be compatible. Ah, only if Sasuke and Naruto were to have cute babies, we would have cute cute rinnegan munchkins!! *heavy sigh*

Wanna hate my theory, hate it. But still this is a probability.
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Sachiko Uzumaki
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The Thing about Nagato's rinnegan. Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Thing about Nagato's rinnegan.   The Thing about Nagato's rinnegan. EmptyWed May 16, 2012 3:17 am

Love it! :cookiemonster:
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The Thing about Nagato's rinnegan.
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