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 Yotsuki Kasumi

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Name: Yotsuki Kasumi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Village: Kumogakure no Sato
Rank: Chuunin
Clan: Yotsuki
Kekkei Genkai: N/A
Chakra Affinity: Lightning, Fire
Trainable Arts: Advanced Taijutsu; Tracking; Nintaijutsu; Tailed beast skills;

Description: Kasumi is a slender, toned woman standing at five feet five inches tall. Her skin is the smooth colour of creamy caramel, marred in various places with small, significant scars. Upon her collarbone is a black and blue tattoo that swirls together to form a pawprint belonging to a large cat. Her voluminous hair cascades over her shoulders, a shadowed waterfall of natural white and black (a genetic mutation that serves no purpose whatsoever). Part of her hair's under-layer are braided into two braids, one falling over each shoulder. Her narrow, cat-shaped eyes are the colour of quicksilver, tinted with an icy blue. Thick lashes frame her lids, giving her depths a heavy and sensuous appearance. Her nose is a pleasant, well-propotioned little thing that serves her heightened sense of smell. Her bottom lip is full, perfect for executing a disarming pout or a mischievious smirk; even when Kasumi is not smiling, the corners of her mouth turn up slightly, as if she does not know how to frown.

Kasumi wears dark, shinobi-issue trousers that cover the ankles of her black shinobi-sandals. The white cloth wrapped around the middle of her left thigh supports a navy kunai holster that matches the belt that buckles her cream-coloured shinobi-pack to her body; it holds various items such as medical supplies, basic shinobi tools, soldier pills, and blood pills, as well as emphasizing her seductive hips. She wears a tight, long-sleeved black shirt that exposes her collarbone and ends just below her floater ribs; over this shirt is silver, ANBU-like armour that stops just below her 'B'cup breasts and is secured to her shoulders with thick straps. A forehead protector bearing Kumo's intricate symbol is pinned to her right upper-arm.

Kasumi's civilian outfit consists of her basic shinobi garb; trousers, sandals, and the tight fitting midriff shirt that stops at her elbows and below her floater ribs. She carries a small, concealed blade strapped to her ankle underneath her pants, as well as a small pouch of gauze, solider pills, and blood pills strapped to a belt-loop.

Kasumi is a prideful, competitive kunoichi with a stubborn streak. She can be as humble as she is arrogant, and she is often seen with a grin or a smirk upon her lips. She has a hard time portraying deeper feelings such as love or friendship and, contrary to popular belief, is actually a very compassionate soul. She has trust issues and chooses to keep people at a sizable distance instead of allowing them care for her, and her for them. Kasumi is very in-tune with the world around her, and can often see through deception and locate the true intentions of those who communicate with her.

Weapon(s): Hinoken (Firesword), a wakazashi blade that can harness the power of her fire chakra nature.

History: Kasumi was born into the Yotsuki Clan, a few summers before the creation of Kumogakure in the Land of Lightning. At that time, the Yotsuki were few in number, a peaceable clan of people with special talents; innate skills that later would mark them as a clan of shinobi. When Kasumi was three years old, the Yotsuki Clan became a part of Kumogakure, and the Two-Tailed beast was sealed within the toddler. It was a risky venture; the sealing jutsu is more apt to fail the older the vessel is, considering the sudden influx of chakra would destroy a solid chakra network. Luckily, at that age, Kasumi's chakra network was still flimsy enough to allow the passing of such a powerful force, and was strong enough to contain it.

Her training began exactly one week after the sealing of Matatabi. The first step was to build up her physical and mental stamina, allowing her to endure the long hours of training in controlling the tailed beast sealed within her. At just three years old, she had a difficult time with coordination, and was often reduced to tired and frustrated tears whenever she was pushed too far.

At age six, she was sent to Kumogakure's academy, as well as continuing her private lessons with many of the Yotsuki Clan's best shinobi. Since she had been trained for three extra years prior, Kasumi held an advantage over many of the other students; she often came out with top marks, except when it came to Genjutsu, her weakest skill.
IC RP Sample:

Name: Yotsuki Clan
Village: Kumogakure
Status: This is a legitimate Kumogakure Clan, so joining is possible and encouraged; must be members of Kumogakure.
Description: The name "Yotsuki" literally means "Night Moon". Members of this clan have dark skin, light coloured hair, and a toned/muscular body type. They love music and often have a tattoo pretaining to their personality or corressponding to an imporant event during their lifetime. This clan is all about strength and power, and the strongest members are always highly respected.
History: The Yotsuki Clan lived on the outskirts of what would eventually become their prized village, living deep within a network of natural tunnels and caverns more than a hundred miles from the mountain Kumogakure would soon stand upon. Many years after the village's formation, the clan emerged and established a sub-village within Kumo territory; the capable

Yotsuki men and women offered their services to the Raikage, even relenting to train their offspring at a younger age in order to aid in creating a military force rivaling any opposing nation. They were not involved in the Clan Wars because they functioned underground for such a long period of time, choosing to reveal themselves sometime after the formation of Kumogakure.
Secret Techniques: Lighting Release armour, Lightning Release Nintaijutsu.
Extra: A member of this clan is host to the two-tailed beast.

****The Yotsuki Clan is a legit clan from Cloud. I will have information on the clan...shizz that I could find on the internet combined with shizz from my very creative brain.

***I have asked Takumi-Senju-Nickerson-Tasogare-sensei for dibs on the Nibi...whether she'll be called Nekomata from the Japanese legend or Matatabi from the Naruto manga. Most likely Matatabi.

**I will get this finished ASAP. A little bit every day while I'm at school..and then I will have an entire day on Sunday to get this shizz rollin'.

*Hi. I'm Kasumi. Love me..I will eat you. Hate me..well..I'll just eat you slower. Jk Jk. I'm not a cannibal. That shizz makes you a a creepy-ass Windego Winding Winnebego..I don't remember how to spell its name...basically an immortal, always hungry, super strong, and super fast scarey looking creepy supernatural monster. Shit man. I dont want to be one of you don't have to fear me becoming a cannibal.
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Yotsuki Kasumi
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