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The land of the ninja is a vast one, war scarring the lands at every turn. Where will your path lead you?
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PostSubject: Character   Character EmptyMon Apr 16, 2012 10:33 pm

I'm not sure what I need so I'll just start off with what I got here. xD

Alias: No name
Age:18 years old
Village: Hidden leaf
Rank: Chunin(I guess xD)
Clan: To be created or something
Chakra Affinity: Fire
Trainable arts: Advanced Genjutsu, Sealing arts, taijutsu

Description: Once a nice girl with a calm temperament, she's full of
rage in recent years because of her illness. Though the screams are not
there,her family's shrill screams of horror resound in her ears every
waking moment.

Weapons: Two kamas

Kekkai genkai:Inferus scriptor consurgant[[Latin for Inferno's wake]]
Hailing from the inferno village, saika's blood line were cursed with
weak chakra inhibitors. Her people were plagued by this dominant gene in
their blood line and have historically died very young. Similar in
fashion to the hidden lotus' use of inhibitors in the brain to unlock
the body's hidden stores of chakra, her people are plagued by an
unintentional breakdown of their own. Recent years the inferno village
has taken steps to prolong their life spans,but the use of medical
ninjutsu to sustain one's self only went so far.

Specifically what happens when their inhibitors start to breakdown is a
constant surge of chakra which can be invoked at will or explode
through distress. Once this happens the shiniobi in question cannot
invoke any other element as their elemental nature becomes one with
their chakra.

History: Saika was once your average child who aspired to be a shinobi
after their father. From an early age she spent her days studying
vigorously training with the determination far beyond her age. Though
her progress under the tutorship of the academy proctors showed she had
potential, but it was a slow and steady pace. Day after day she
devoted her life to become more dexterous and spiritually stronger
through harsh physical training. Since she lived in a uniquely
fascinating climate, so she could subject herself to the harsh desert
sun one day and oppose the flow of a raging waterfall in the same day.
Often times her friends and loved ones found Saika half dead on the
outskirts of town, battered and bruised from her exposure to the harsh
elements. Though her loved ones always urged her to slow down, they
eventually stopped trying to persuade her. Thus picking up her broken
body became a weekly chore for his friends and family.

Saika didn't take on these self inflicted tortures for nothing, her
country was under constant pressure for civil war. Though tensions
periodically grew and subsided under the threat of detente. The turning
point occurred during the passing of the great kage. As a sign of
respect people from all 4 corners of the continent converged upon the
sentential village located at its heart. This massive pilgrimage brought
the sorrows of the innocent and malice of the wicked. Many of the
warring factions used the funeral as a launching point, all 5 villages
sprung offenses in an effort to destroy the others' citizens.
Civilians were considered the heart of a nation because they kept
their nations' life line alive,but more importantly they were the
loved ones of its shinobi. In this chaos whole villages were razed to
the ground, women and children were indiscriminately
massacred.Although it was the women who suffered fates worse than

When Saika's village was attacked, she was barely 11 years old. Her body
ravaged by her training, she lied in his attic helplessly as enemy
shinobi stormed her home. She heard signs of struggle, screams of
torment from his mother. Saika desperately wanted to move her body,but
her limbs would not respond. She struggled just like a floundering fish
under the covers as her sister shrieked for their mother. Loud thumps
and the shattering of glass filled her senses as she imagined her
family being dragged away against their will. Her breathing so
labored, she became delusional before passing out when her sister
called for their mother.

A few days later she awoke in a daze, feeling a bit confused before his
heart started racing once more. The shrill shrieks of her dying family
relentlessly battered her psyche, resounding in her head every waking
minute. She quickly rushed to the exit of his attic before falling
through the ceiling and onto a lifeless body. A sharp pain aroused her
senses as she pulled himself together,though she soon wished he
hadn't came to. Her home was littered with the corpses of her loved
ones. She shuttered briefly before finding his mother's lifeless body
strewn upon the floor like a rag doll. Tears rushing forth she found
her hugging her sister as well. Their throats were slit, but they were
not clean. It was not her attackers,but rather they were self
inflicted. Her countenance spoke volumes about her terror, the wound
was tattered and rough. One could almost sense the hesitation as the
grisly knife plunged into her esophagus. The site of his family was to
much for the young child's psych. A surge of chakra burst throughout
his body and burned her body unmercilessly. It felt as if she was set
ablaze by the coursing power throughout his veins. Her body began to
hemorrhage as she staggered away from her mother and sister.

The site of her village was not any better than his
home as he fell to his knees in shock. Her once thriving village was
now ravaged by an invading army. Bodies were everywhere, their stench
so profuse that she nearly collapsed once she stepped form his
abode.The calm flicker of flames, and calm breeze which caressed his
scarred cheek. Something snapped her train of thought when she fell
to her knees, the voices in her head were evermore clear.

Moments later she was approached by a group of enemy shinobi who were
looting the ruin of her village. They called out to Saika with an air
of arrogance,but she didn't respond. Encroaching upon her position,
Saika simply stared almost obliviously at the mud beneath her. One of
them asked if they should just put him out of his misery, something he
may have welcomed if it wasn't for a snide remark from one of them.
He ridiculed Saika's mother for taking her own life instead of taking
it like a woman, laughing with an air of arrogance as his comrades
followed suit. Saika's blood began to boil again as she began to clench
the mud beneath her. Her attacker took notice as his lifted his
katana while saying, " How pitiful your people are, maybe you'll learn
your place in hell". As the blade plunged forth Saika caught it with
her bare hands as his chakra surged uncontrollably. The man struggled
shortly before letting go. He fell back as he stared into Saika's
eyes, devoid of all humanity, it was as if he stared into the eyes of a
demon. As Saika clenched the katana, the steel began to warp as it
instantly heated to its melting point. Her attackers ran for their
lives with their tails tucked inbetween their legs as everything
caressed by her chakra was set ablaze. From that point on Saika
abandoned her old name as she set forth from her home. She abandoned
her name and severed all ties to her past life. Adopting the identity
of having no name, she set forth with the shrieks of her mother ringing
in her ears.

IC RP Sample:
-I can't link my post xD

Name: What is the Jutsu called?
Type: What type? Ninjutsu (If Elemental, say the element), Genjutsu, Taijutsu, etc.?
Rank: What rank is it? E-S
Hand Seals: What hand seals are required, and in what order?
Tell what the jutsu does when performed, and list the effects. Be
detailed, but do not dictate what the jutsu is used for to the point of
it being impossible to be creative when using it.
Extra: Anything that can't be listed above. Drawbacks, downsides, etc.

Name: Burning shackles
Type: Genjutsu
Rank: B
Hand Seals:I DUNNO DX
Description:This genjutsu is projects a sphere of influence using chakra as the medium. Once within the sphere this directly affects the electrical impulses connecting the target's brain to their limbs. If the afflicted cannot successfully break the control of the jutsu, their body will lose their ability to use said limb.
Extra: Takes time to cast, takes a lot of effort

Name: Death Lotus
Type: Dojutsu
Rank: C
Hand Seals: I dunno Dx
The profuse fire element coursing through saika's viens became malleable in her hands. Thus allowing her to create shuriken of fire instantaneously while she spins in a state of absolute focus. During this duration she is able to dexterously target multiple targets.
Extra:If casted without full awareness of her surroundings, she is vulnerable if the shuriken aren't effective in the slightest

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Takumi Senju
Takumi Senju

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PostSubject: Re: Character   Character EmptyMon Apr 16, 2012 10:49 pm

Just take a look at everything in the first section at the top of the forum lol It has everything you need to know.
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PostSubject: Re: Character   Character EmptyMon Apr 16, 2012 11:31 pm

I'm not used to creating techniques before hand.Is everything alright so far?
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Takumi Senju
Takumi Senju

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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Character   Character EmptyMon Apr 16, 2012 11:37 pm

I'll look over everything tomorrow.

And you don't need to create all the techniques. You can use canon ones if you want.
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PostSubject: Re: Character   Character EmptyMon Apr 16, 2012 11:42 pm

Oh kool I figured that,but just had to make sure. Thanks, most of it is basically just the history. xD
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Takumi Senju
Takumi Senju

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PostSubject: Re: Character   Character EmptySun Apr 22, 2012 7:01 pm

Sorry, thought I had posted.

The KG needs to be submitted in your Bio via he KG Template.

There's no Inferno Village though. You should probably change your history around to fit with the site's history.
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