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The land of the ninja is a vast one, war scarring the lands at every turn. Where will your path lead you?
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 A brief history of Kumogakure

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A brief history of Kumogakure Empty
PostSubject: A brief history of Kumogakure   A brief history of Kumogakure EmptySun Apr 08, 2012 12:30 am

Wracked with near constant storms, the mountainous Land of Lightning was a terrifying territory. Due to the raging tempest's, lightning struck considerably more often within this territory than any other land, eventually leading to its title as the Land of Lightning. It was believed that a solid footing to create civilization within the massive mountainous region was nearly impossible with the threat of the storms. Only the outer most edges were populated with cities, many lying on the expansive shores as port cities.

However, with the uprising of the shinobi arts, a man of great power developed a means by which the treacherous central regions could be populated. His mastery of the Lightning element allowed him to quell the storms, allowing the construction of Kumogakure, The Village Hidden by Clouds. This name was chosen by its home atop the highest mountains of the land, the village's first leader being the man who had provided such a means of living. The previously unknown man became the very first Raikage, the Master of Storms.

Due to the harsh living conditions, many of the shinobi raised in the Land of Lightning learned to control the deadly forces for their own desires. Through their mastery, the shinobi raised in future years became more attuned to the elements of Lightning and Water, the former being more prevalent. This further increased their mastery, beginning the perpetual cycle that would eventually bring about the villages renown for Lightning users.

As an extension to this, many shinobi opted to train in the art of metal weaponry to widen the use of their abilities by focusing the Lightning nature through their blades for a truly destructive force. The style proved to work quite well, their weapons acting as lightning rods in storms to allow the wielder to harness the deadly force of nature that is Lightning. Swords were found to be amongst the greatest tools with which to utilize electric currents, the nearly full metal weapons allowing for far greater ease of use. This would become the first step to a long line of notable swordsmen and the villages ability to breed such powerful warriors.
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A brief history of Kumogakure
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