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 Saki Kanjo

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PostSubject: Saki Kanjo   Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:37 am

Name: Saki Kanjo
Alias: 'The Dojo-man's daughter' (around town) 'The Human Weapon' (In Battle)
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Village: The Village Hidden in the Leaves
Rank: Chunin
Clan: Kanjo

Chakra Affinity: Wind

Trainable Arts: Medical Ninjutsu, Advanced Taijutsu, Ninja Art: Human Weapon Techniques

Clan template
Name: Kanjo

Village: The Village Hidden in the Leaves

Status: Please ask first to join.

Description: The Kanjo clan is smaller than most, it's numbers greatly dwindled during the race to catch the tailed beasts. Most of the members have red, pink, or orange hair and light eyes. This has been a curse for a majority of them since in the past they used their techniques to benefit themselves assassin wise, usually wanting to blend in. Because of this, many of the male members and some of the female members chose to be bald, especially before the villages were established. Since birth, all of the members were given a tattoo of the clan symbol on the center of their head. It is in shape of a red curvy line which was usually blended in with their hair, unless they were bald. In the past the members were known to be arrogant and either end up having extremely high or extremely low intelligence. Although in the current time the clan members are more open to other ninja clans and each other.

History: When bloodshed first began to increase in the ninja world, the Kanjo clan often used it's members as assassins. This clan use to be one of the largest clans in the ninja world. With their Kekkei Genkai they would fake suicide by transferring memories of extreme depression into their 'victim'. This combined with painful memories of the 'victim's' past (which had to be carefully researched ahead of time) and Genjutsu usually did the trick. But if it failed they would most likely kill the person and swap the witnesses' memories so they forget what happened. With so little evidence of their true killing nature, this made the Kanjo ninja be viewed as part of a neutral clan who did not seem to be doing much harm to others, while in fact most of them were merciless fighters.
When the God-Ninja released the beasts they were arrogant and believed that their Kekkei Genkai could easily capture the monsters. They were completely wrong, and since they never learned from their mistake thousands of their men were killed over the years trying only to capture the Tailed Beasts. The only good thing that came from trying to capture the Tailed Beasts is that over the years it gave them more momentum to advance their techniques into what they are now.
Once the Uchiha and Senju had been declared as most powerful, the remaining of the Kanjo clan were either slaughtered, or used for their knowledge. Although, in the past there were several married links between the clans which may have ended up altering the Memori Kekkei Genkai into what it is now. Of course, any people who married in between the clans were assassinated, but their children remained.
Due to the surviving members of the clan only living because they were on the Senju and Uchiha's good side (since they appeared to be neutral), the clan now resides in The Land of Fire's Leaf Village.
Although, when the Senju and Uchiha fought to be the leader, the Kanjo clan stayed at the Uchiha's part of the Land instead of the Senju's. Being arrogent and jealous, they wanted nothing to do with the Senju clan who was able to capture the Tailed Beasts so easily while the Kanjo clan lost most of it's members trying.

Secret Techniques:

Memory Multiplier- With this the user can streangthen the memory or emotion which is being placed in the 'victim's' mind. Say the Memori user wanted to throw their 'victim' into extreme depression but had never experienced it. With this techneique they can streagthen a weaker form of depression into something more powerful. Same goes with memories. For example, say they wanted to replay someone's death inside a victim's head, they can strengthen the memory to make it more vivid and painful to experience.

Memory viewer: The user can also experience the memory along with the victim who was cast in it.

Kekkei Genkai: Memori

Kekki Genkai Template
Name: Memori (Memory)
Description: The Kanjo clan's Kekki Genkai is based on replacing recent events which had happened to the 'victim' within the last five to ten minutes with older ones. This way they will not remember the newer memory's events happening. There is also a simpler way to use it, by leaving out the ' external memory' part of the memories and just messing with the emotions.

Memory is a process that uses the entire brain, when someone first experiences something it goes through a web-like structure to be sorted into the process known as remembering. Although, with the Memori Kekkei Genkai the user uses Chakra to temporally stop the thought from processing to the rest of the brain. While they temporarily stop it, they replace the new thought with an older one the Memori user has experienced in the past or one the Memori user knows for certain their 'victim' has. If the 'victim' does not have it and they try taking it from the user to swap, the memory swap will fail and their five to ten minute opening will most likely be up. This process needs exactly the right conditions to work, and the person who's memory is being replaced often will need to be restrained for a thorough memory replacement, because the only way to replace the memory is through constant eye contact. Only very experienced users have an alternative to restraining the victim. The experienced users have most likely developed enough concentration to engage a conversation while swapping the memory, this semi-ensures constant eye contact which is essential to the success of the transfer. Although, this is extremely hard to master and not many people can accomplish it, not adding in the fact that you can't ensure the person you are talking with will keep constant eye contact with you, it is likely they might look away. Please note this is for only wiping out the entire past five to ten minutes. The longer the memory the longer it takes to wipe it out. A shorter memory only needs a few seconds of eye contact. Once the victim's memory is swapped, they will temporarily blank out while experiencing the memory that was placed in their head. The vividness of the memory can be controlled using the memory multiplier technique, making the experience be as simple to a thought or to as complex as a vision.

Since replacing the memories is usually a hard task that requires much practice most users tend to mess with the person's emotions in a similar matter. All they need to do is keep constant eye contact while they swap the victim's emotions, this requires much less concentration so it can be done in a conversation. Emotion swapping usually only takes a few seconds to complete, more if they have to activate the Memory Multiplier technique before hand. It's easier because the user doesn't have to add the entire memory, just how the 'victim' or user felt while he or she was experiencing the memory. This can also work on animals. For example, If an enraged tiger was attacking a Memori user, the user could just swap the emotions, giving the animal less of a reason to attack. This could possibly stop them from attacking. Although, the process isn't that simple with humans and at most could temporarily stop a grudge between two people or lessen someone's will to fight, when only using the emotion part without the multiplier technique.

The Memori Kekki Genkai may allow the user to swap around the memories but it doesn't allow them to read their 'victim's ' mind. When the Kekkei Genkai takes place the memories are only swapped with ones the user knows the victim has experienced. If the user has never met the 'victim' the user can swap the memories with one of their own past memories such as tying their shoes or kicking a tree, etc. This also applies to the emotion swaps. Although, there is an often unused method for discovering some of the 'victim's' memories. If the Memori user is suspicious of their 'victim' knowing secrete information, they can try to see if they can swap a recent memory with the event they thought took place. Although, this has a high failure rate and the user must have used the Memory Multiplier jutsu before hand and then as soon as the 'victim' enters the memory they would have to use the memory viewer technique. This takes up a lot of time and Chakra, so it is not often used. Although if things keep advancing and techniques keep being made, 'memory collecting' may be made easier/possible in the future.

Forms: Dojutsu, Psychological

Extra: The Memori technique requires a significant amount of Chakra to be used to stop the memory from spreading to the rest of the brain. The longer ago the memory happened (with-in the 5-10 minute range) and the longer the length of the memory, the more Chakra is used. Obviously the 'Full Memory' part of the Kekkei Genkai takes up much more Chakra than it's lesser form which deals with emotions. Once a user attempts to completely swap a memory, the user only gets one or two chances due to the amount of Chakra it takes up. With emotions and more 'shorter memories', there is less Chakra being used giving them chances to repeat the techneique to their desired effect. Although, this still takes a significant amount of Chakra and may not be used for hours on end. Depending on the situation considering the vividness and length of the memory, the technique is most usually seen used from 5-30 times per four hours, since that is the time it takes to restore most of the Chakra used. Although, since the emotions are much less taxing on the Chakra supply these can often be used 15-45 times per four hours. Although this still applies to if the emotion is vivid or flat. If the user decides to create something such as extreme depression (with use of the Memory Multiplier technique) They will be much more limited to their memory swaps. This will result in the use being around 5-30 times per four hours. Although, Since most people end up using a mix of the two, the results end up being around 10-40 times per four hours.

The Memori Technique also has a nasty side to it. This technique may be used when the user is out of Chakra, but it will rapidly take energy from the user's life energy. People often refer to this tactic as 'The Last Resort'.

Description: Saki has light red hair that she usually keeps down. Her skin isn't exactly pale, just tan enough so she looks healthy. She has bright green eyes (sea green) and rosy cheeks. She greatly resembles her mother. She used to be quite tiny, due to all of the 'experiments' made on her body at a young age. Although recently she has grown to 5'6 and gained much muscle mass from working out at the Dojo.

Saki tends to be friendly to others and can easily turn a person she just met into a life long friend if she works at it. Even though she has a bright and sunny personality, she too has a dark somewhat cunning side hidden underneath that she prefers to keep only to herself. This may have been due to her parents' being more darker Shinobi, but she like to think it's because her dad is an Uchiha. Even though her father is an Uchiha, it seems she hasn't inherited any of his Kekki Genkai or clan abilities. Oppositly, Her older brother inherited the Sharingan.

Weapons: Knuckle-knives (Like Asuma's), Medical supplies

History: Saki Is the daughter of Ayame Kanjo and Yuuto Uchiha. Ayame was once a skilled medical ninja who worked as an Anbu. She took pride in her clan, even though she happened to be one of the lower branch members. Yuuto was also once an Anbu who specialized in intel missions, often being on the same squad as Ayame. At home he was also a in a lower branch of the Uchiha family. He never developed a strong bond with anyone in the clan, even his own brother (although this is because his brother was able to master the Sharningan and was a prodigy at a young age but decided to become a construction worker instead of a ninja). In fact, Yuuto was not good using the Sharingan and took up fighting with knuckle knives. Ayame and Yuuto currently are retired Anbu who now own a well-respected Dojo. Although, they've always messed with the 'darker side' of things, even when they were Anbu. They experimented with creating and using forbidden Jutsu and mutations, careful to hide their tracks. Ayame's Kekkei Genkai also came in handy when it came to keeping the their experiments undercover and since Yuuto is an Uchiha he was well respected and somewhat trusted. Although after awhile people started to catch on. Not wanting to be caught in the act, they needed to find a way to quietly 'retire' from their ninja lives. Ayame got pregnant, giving her an excuse to take time off to raise a family. Luckily soon after Yuuto suffered a major back injury knocking him out of the line of service. Their baby was born a boy, they named him Shou.

In order to keep up with their 'experiments' Ayame opened a Dojo, this seemed harmless since she was raising a family and her husband needed to slowly get his strength back, since he was most likely never going to able to fight again. Although, Ayame and Yuuto had a reason behind doing this. At the Dojo they could pick up information on the fighting skills of several ninja and the details of how their Chakra and Jutsu worked worked, it was also an ideal place to do some experimenting. They built a series of secrete underground rooms and tunnels at the Dojo, so they could have a place for their experiments. Normally they wouldn't had went this far, but Ayame was set on fixing her husband's back and possibly 'upgrading' him to something stronger. Yuuto's brother helped them behind the scenes, often bringing needed material for experiments and Dojo equipment. By this time his brother had opened his own construction business which lessened Yuuto's disliking of the path his brother had chosen, but this didn't exactly heal the disappointment he hand directed towards his brother.

By the time the Dojo was finished and had regular members, their son was around seven. They took it as their responsibility to 'upgrade' him to the best that he could be. This involved multiple experiments with several failures. By the time Shou was seventeen he was a dis-formed creature living in a human shell. Not being able to take it anymore, he fled and became a missing-nin. Since their main testing subject was gone Ayame and Yuuto had another child, it was a girl, her name being Saki.

This time they decided to be more careful so she wouldn't end up like Shou. Since birth they started experimenting and kept her in the same room during a majority of their experiments, this way she grew up with them being a normal part of her life. While she was in the experimenting room her mother began teaching her the way of a medical ninja and gave her 'mutation tips'. Often Ayame would slice a knife across Saki's arm or leg and have her heal the gash as training. This has slowly built up Saki's pain tolerance which helped with future experiments.

She is often seen hanging at the Dojo like any other normal person. Her father's back had healed due to Ayame rewiring his Chakra lines and adding in new ones to hold up his spine and reconnect his nerves. She also replaced part of his spine, nerves and back muscles with those of a girl who they had abducted from a war struck area and tested on. Since his injuries are basically non-existent, he runs the Dojo with an over enthusiastic additude, one that you would never expect an 'evil' man to have. He pushes himself and others to the limits, while secretly observing the results and seeing if the ninja would be of any use to him.

As said before, Saki has been experimented on since birth, and the results were no where as bad as her brother's, although there has been several failures. Soon after birth her parents messed with her, basically giving her steroids. It was soon found out that these didn't agree with her and damaged her inner organs, which resulted in Saki checking into the hospital several times in her 'toddler life'. Soon after when she was around five, Yuuto took it as his responsibility to give her the Sharingan. He killed his dyeing brother (who suffered a critical wound in a construction accident) to take the eyes then transplanted them inside his daughter. Unfortunately, her body did not accept the eyes. He had to transplant her old eyes back in, but didn't give up yet. He took a new approach and tried embedding the Sharingan into both of Saki's hands. Once the procedure was finished, Saki's body refused to accept the Sharingan and they had to be taken out. This has left many scars covering the palms and backside of her hands. Disappointed, he gave his daughter a matching pair of knuckle knives so she would be some-what like him. It worked and she had adored the knives ever since.

Once she got a little older, they began working on putting a weapon inside her.... a weapon of made of compressed Chakra which takes form as Chakra-magnetized metal. They tried this experiment several on several other test subjects before, failing all but once, it was a miracle that it was a success on Saki. They mutated and combined her Chakra lines with liquid metal collected from special stones and mutated earth type users. They then charged her body with an antidote so that it would accept the metal in her body and turn it's potential poisoning into harmless proteins. After that they combined her chakra and blood streams, giving her total control of the metal.

With the mutation she was now able to turn parts of her body into a hard protective shield and uses the metallic substance as a weapon which comes out her body through a stinger or wound. The metal-magnetic Chakra is also drawn towards her and other's Chakra, usually making her chakra based attacks hit the chakra points and lines, but not on purpose.

Saki entered the ninja academy like any other child one day dreaming to become a ninja. The academy didn't have much of an impression on her. She was there to learn and that was about it. Of course, she loved making friends with the students and teachers there. It was also around the time she entered the academy that her parents began serious training with her. After coming home from the academy she would practice using her Kekkei Genkai with her mom. After that there would be 'no holding back' battles between her and her father using knives and jutsu. Then at the end of the day she would practice healing herself while her mother gave her tips on being an all around success of a ninja. Usually the healing was followed by dinner or experiments, this process being repeated just about everyday.

Once she graduated from the academy, Saki was place in a team of four, two of which she could barely stand. Her sensei was a slacker who didn't have time for his students. In fact she often wondered how he managed to become a ninja. The other person on her team she disliked was a fellow student named Aoi. There was a rivalry which took place between her and Aoi throughout the last year of the ninja academy. Just as Saki was enjoying being at her last year of her academy life, a new little kid named Aoi, who should have been starting at the bottom ranks of the academy like all of the other hard workers, got transferred into the top and most experienced class just because she was an Uchiha and supposedly related to the Senju clan. Saki told Aoi off which started an all out ninja battle between them... Saki lost, yet still got blamed. Ever since then they couldn't stand each other. Although there was one person on her team that Saki actually considered a friend, his name was Haruki. Considering they were both goofballs with a similar sense of humor, they got along great. Unfortunalty they didn't get to see each other often due that their sensei would sign them up for missions and train together with them only around once a month. Her sensei's behavior caused her to regularly train hard at home and slowly become stronger than her teammates who lacked proper and regular training.

Once her Sensei had actually got them signed up for a real mission, she was prepared and the others were not. Their four man group was supposed to infiltrate an enemy camp for an important scroll. Along the way her two teammates were captured by the enemy. And her sensei, being the coward he is, fled to 'get help' (while in reality that ment hiding off behind a rock somewhere). Greatly angered, Saki decided to do what she did best, fighting and friendship. Using tracking skills she had learned from training with her parents (they were Anbu after all) she was able to find her two teammates tied up with rope inside a tent which contained the scroll. She snuck towards them and began to cut Haruki's ropes with her knuckle knives. Just as she was midway through cutting him free, the missing-nin who stole the scroll appeared outside the tent. Knowing that she was no was better than him strength wise, she out smarted him instead of out fighting him. Saki quickly created a doppelganger. She made the doppelganger grab the scroll and run in the opposite direction as fast as possible. She then crouched into a ball behind her teammates to hide in case the missing-nin came inside the tent. Soon from the commotion going on outside, she was able to tell that her plan had worked but she only had a limited amount of time to rescue her friends. She finished cutting Haruki's ropes and even freed Aoi. After that business was finished, they snuck out of the tent and followed the footprints of the mssing-nin, since they still had to retrieve the scroll. Although, at the end of the trail they met their Sensei holding the scroll, passed out on top of the missin-nin. Saki dragged her sensei off the missing-ninja, and asked Haruko to tie the Missing-nin's limbs together for when he woke up. She then took this time to heal her Sensei with a new healing Jutsu she had learned, mystic palm. Once he awoke she found out that he had been cowering under a bush the entire time, then out of no where the missing ninja was chasing the clone and ended up tripping over her sensei making them both go rolling over a step and rocky hill nearby. Since the success of the mission was all because of a Genin fresh from the academy, she showed much potential and was soon appointed her Chunin position.

Ever since then she had been training nonstop, and had been going on missions on a regular basis, (mostly intel because of her Kekkei Genkai) She feels that she may be close to receiving Jonin level but there is something holding her back.

Extra history tidbits: Saki has taken on her mother's maiden name because she has inherited her mother's clan's abilities.
She has also never met her older brother
Saki is beginning to realize that the experiments are wrong and is not allowing her body to be tested on anymore. This was due to the fact that she had another breathing problem but wasn't able to go to the hospital in case they found out about how her insides were practically all mixed together. Other reasons why she suddenly took a disliking to the experiments was because she usually healed people at the Dojo who got roughed up, but with the newly combined Chakra she realized it was much harder to control her Chakra, it has took years for her to regain the precision she once had. Plus, when ever there are large amounts of Chakra being used around her, her tainted Chakra reacts, either restricting blood flow or giving her a headache. All in all, she secretly wishes she were normal.

IC RP Sample: Blood rolled down the metal blade until it hit the pure white fabric of Saki Kanjo's dress. Each drop brought with it a new bright stain to the already gore soaked garment. The girl's lips crept into a smile, the drops staining the kimono represented the tears she was desperately trying to keep inside. Bleed more, rip out my insides, spill my blood the knife dug deeper into her flesh, drawing more blood with every slice. Her soulless eyes examined the gruesome red mess that had became of her arm, she had watched her parents do this procedure countless times, yet all of their patients screamed bloody murder once the knife made its first cut. Grin widening, she knew that those people were different than her, the pain was pleasing and watching the blood roll down her arm and onto the kimono was entertaining. Although, that didn't explain the tears she was trying so hard to hold back. They weren't tears of joy or pain... no they were more complex than those simple emotions.

She looked back down to her arm, it's skin was sliced back revealing the bloody mess inside her. Before the procedure she was told that it would not be an enjoyable time and she would most likely end up fainting from the pain. But why wasn't that happening?

Saki looked up at her mother across the room whose identical sea green eyes met hers every few minutes bringing strength to hold the tears back. But they also brought with them a craving for more pain, a desire to want her own insides ripped open and torn to shreds. Being in too complex of an emotional state for a seven year old, she brought her attention back to the knife which was slowly digging through her arm. If this made her happy, so be it. She continued to watch the blade as it slid through her bare skin as if it were butter. Something that powerful could kill her at any second, yet it could also be used for a procedure to make her stronger. Weapons really are beautiful on the inside.... And if it is a weapon I must become, I'll be the most beautiful weapon there ever was.


1. Flying swallow
2. Chakra Scapel
3. Chakra Enhanced strength
4. Mystic Palm
5. Leaf Rock Destroying Rise
6. Blade of Wind
7. Wind Release: Vacuum sphere
8. Memory Multiplier*
9. Memory Veiwer*
10. Wind Release: Great Breakthrough
11. Human Weapon: Metal shield*
12. Human Weapon: Tainted blood*
13. Human weapon: Crashing metal*
14. Shadow of the Dancing leaf
15. Leaf Great Whirlwind

Name: Memory Multiplier
Type: Kekkei Genkai, Genjutsu
Rank: C-Rank
Hand Seals: Tora-Mi-I-Ino
Description: The Memory Multiplier technique goes along with the Memori Kekkei Genkai. If the Memory user activates this jutsu before casting the Memori Memory swapping technique they can control the intensity of the newly swapped memory. The intensity can vary from a thought passing through someone's head to a vision. This Jutsu also applies to the emotion half of the Memori technique. The emotions may be strengthened or weakened to the user's liking as long as they cast this Jutsu before activating the Kekkei Genkai

Name: Memory Viewer
Type: Kekkei Genkai
Rank: B-Rank
Hand Seals: Hitsuji-Saru-U
Description: The Memory Viewer Jutsu is made specifically for the Memori Kekki Genkai. If this Jutsu is activated as soon as the 'victim's' memories are swapped, the user can experience the memory with them.
Extra: It works best when used with the memory multiplier jutsu so they can control the intensity of the memory. They user will also freeze for a moment when he/she also experiences the memory.

Name: Human Weapon: Metal sheild
Type: Ninja art
Rank: C
Hand Seals: Tatsu-Tori
Description: The metal shield Jutsu is used when the user needs to avoid an attack but isn't able to dodge. Upon activation of the technique, the metal slowly separates from the user's blood and Chakra and rises towards the skin. The strength of this shield depends on how concentrated the metal is. Say you spread the metal to every part of your skin and get hit by a bunch of kunai, those will likely reflect off the user's skin. However the metal is too weak to withstand a greater attack such as a sword, unless if the metal is concentrated only around one select area.
Extra: The jutsu is activated and deactivated at will, mostly being in use for the few seconds it takes to get hit by the weapon. In these few seconds the user can't use any metal techniques until the shield is deactivated and the metal is reunited with the rest of the body. This depends on how the metal is distributed but on an average it takes only a few seconds.

Name: Human Weapon: Tainted Blood
Type: Ninja art
Rank: B-rank
Hand Seals: Uma-U-Tatsu
Description: With this technique the user grows 'stinger' like nails on each of their hands. In the stingers are a toxin created by the metals inside the user's body. These stingers can be used to scrape or poke someone to transfer the poison into their body.
Extra: The Poison causes paralysis after 2 minutes and can often cause damage to the Chakra lines and points since the metal is attracted to Chakra. This uses the same amount of Chakra as any other technique at it's rank, although it temporarily weakens other metal- styled attacks that may later be used due to the fact that it is releasing some of the metal in her body (although the remaining metal will slowly multiply, bringing it back to it's normal amount).

Name: Human Weapon: Crashing metal
Type: Ninja art
Rank: B
Hand Seals: Tori-Ushi-Uma
Description: The user is able to create a 6ft by 6ft wall of liquid metal which they can harden and melt at their liking. They may also form it to their desired shape.
Extra: This is often used by placing the wall of liquid metal around the opponent's feet then hardening the metal, trapping them in place. Although It can also be used offensively such as covering the ground with metal spikes or slamming a block of metal into the opponent's face. This takes up a considerable amount of Chakra and metal. The metal comes from the user's wounds. the bigger the wound the faster it is able to leave the body. It is a good last resort for someone who is about to die in battle and wants to try bringing their opponent with them.

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PostSubject: Re: Saki Kanjo   Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:20 pm

Very well done and extremely detailed. Overall, very acceptable, but there are a few things that need clarification.

For this Memori KG, how much of a drain does it place on the user? I understand it's extremely difficult, time-consuming and very situational, but there seems to be no description of how taxing the ability is on the users chakra reserves. While this may seem a small point given the vast amount of negatives, I simply can not allow such an ability if it can be used almost non-stop without severely exhausting the user. Please, give a little definition to the drain it causes so that I can re-evaluate. If at all possible, try to quantify its use as compared to notable members of the Canon cast, such as Kakashi.

You say she has metal flowing through her bloodstream. Very interesting, but how is this used? You state she can create a protective shield. How? Does she harden the flesh the blood flows into? Does the metal protrude from her skin to create a literal shield? How does this affect her? How difficult is it to be used? How exhausting is it? Does the process damage her body in anyway? All these are questions that need to be answered, and the ability needs to defined somewhere notable, not just randomly tossed into her history. We require details as either a Technique or a KG ability.

Also, in your history, Saki creates a Shadow clone yet seems to lack the technique entirely. If she indeed does know the technique, please add it and, by my own personal request, tell us how she came to learn it. I don't require excessive details, but who taught her is needed.

Finally, in regards to your rp sample. Very deep, emotional, dark, depressing and very much within the rules. However, I ask that you try to hold back to some degree on the overly graphic nature. We have no rules against rape, suicide or anything similar, but please be mindful that we may have younger players on the board.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss these matters in private, feel free to send me a PM.
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Takumi Senju
Takumi Senju

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PostSubject: Re: Saki Kanjo   Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:24 pm

I know Leaf Whirlwind and Dancing Leaf Shadow thing are low ranked, but I'd probably ask that you either be have Advanced Taijutsu to use them, or not have them, since from what can be seen, they're probably really taxing on someone who isn't devoted to Taijutsu on a higher level. If other admins disagree then they can stay.
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PostSubject: Re: Saki Kanjo   Fri Apr 06, 2012 2:54 pm

Ok, I meant to put Advanced Taijutsu and just assumed that Taijutsu=Advanced Taijutsu since it is a trainable art.

I've been talking to Kichirou about the character and have been reediting it so a majority of it is changed. I'll add Advanced Taijutsu to the changes so the finished product will make more sense. Smile Thank you for pointing that out.
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PostSubject: Re: Saki Kanjo   Fri Apr 06, 2012 6:09 pm

((Editing this out to avoid potential confusion with multiple sets of information.

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PostSubject: Re: Saki Kanjo   Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:21 pm

I would offer my approval to you as promised, however I am no longer any form of administration. My apologies. It was fun talking to you while it lasted. Best of luck.
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PostSubject: Re: Saki Kanjo   

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Saki Kanjo
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