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The land of the ninja is a vast one, war scarring the lands at every turn. Where will your path lead you?
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 The First Raikage:

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Takumi Senju
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((Still under some construction))

Name: Kazuki Raijin
Alias: The First Raikage, Raijin
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Village: The Village Hidden in the Clouds
Rank: Raikage
Kekkei Genkai: Dual-elemental Affinity
Chakra Affinity: Lightning, Water
Trainable Arts:

Advanced Ninjutsu
Wind Element Mastery
Kekkai Tota - Storm Release
Secret Village Arts




A roaming nomad of a man, much of Kazuki's history is shrouded in mystery. Even his family name was unknown or entirely forgotten. The man himself speaks little of his endeavors before traveling the Land of Lightning, focusing on the present. What is known shall follow.

Prior to the construction of Kumogakure, Kazuki could be found wandering the vast Land of Lightning with a small group of people. Many years were spent simply traveling from one location to the next, the well-versed shinobi training his skills in the process. On rare occasion, he would voice his intentions for his seemingly endless trip to a select few trusted individuals. He claimed to be seeking a means by which the never-ending storms that plagued the land could be calmed. Many denied such a feat was possible and he did not deny such a dream was simply that, a dream. Nonetheless, he continued despite criticism. His goal was set and he did not intend to give up on it until his body could no longer move.

In his travels, many came and left from his ever-changing troupe. Some were wanderers like himself, the poor seeking a new hope beyond the horizon, traveling merchants looking to make their next big sale while others were simply moving for a change in landscape. Each had their own story and path in life, and when their paths separated, Kazuki saw them off with a smile and parting gift of friendship. No matter the length of time spent, all were comrades in travel and family in life. Many he offered homes to should he ever achieve his goal, seemingly impossible as it may be.

Upon passing through the many villages of the land, he would help those around him whenever they were in need. Regardless of how simple the task may have been, rarely did he turn down a request for aid. Be it protecting a village from bandits or simply carrying bags for the elderly, no task was beneath him. To him, the little things that one could do to help his fellow man made life only that much more peaceful.

One day, Kazuki stumbled across a particularly decrepit town. In this town, the storms would flood the streets themselves to an extent that could sweep a man from his feet. Seeing how many homes were abandoned and damaged beyond repair, he was reminded of his cause. If he could obtain the ability to lessen the tempests that raged so violently above, perhaps the numbers of villages like this one could be lessened if only by a small amount.

It was here that he stumbled upon a young child being swept away in the currents flowing through the streets. Without hesitation, the man snatched up the child and immediately sought after the parents. To his dismay, none could be found. The child was simply abandoned, left for dead. Kazuki decided to take the child with him. His family was nowhere to be found and the village itself was falling apart. This was no home for a young boy to grow up in.

As time progressed, Kazuki watched his newly found 'son', Kichirou, grow. He was a most peculiar child to say the least. Unlike many who simply dealt with the constant torrents of rain or looked upon them with disgust, the boy seemed to enjoy them as if Mother Nature was embracing him. Simply watching the young child wander about in the rain brought a faint curl of a smile to the mans face. Truly, he picked up the most peculiar of boys.

When he reached the proper age, Kazuki began to train Kichirou in the shinobi arts as he did with any others who asked. The boy showed no real aptitude for the training, but enjoyed the time nonetheless. The two could be found amidst the storms often meditating and practicing their techniques. Any who watched could tell the man was truly a master in his craft, molding and weaving the environment with an indescribable grace.

Though he had no wife, Kazuki declared himself the boys father despite not being of blood relation. When the child was older, he would explain the situation, but not while he was so young. Even as detached from the threads of society, he feared Kichirou may lash out and do something they both would regret in the future. Instead, he played the role of the watchful father, teaching the boy everything he could of life, the world and society. It was his hope that he would grow to become a strong and wise man that could spread his peaceful demeanor to others.

Many years passed as he continued to travel with his motley band of wanderers, passing through the vast mountain ranges quite often. Kazuki had taken many steps to creating the technique he sought after, but had yet to truly master or even test the ability. He feared a premature attempt may very well mean his death. Though this was a risk he was willing to take, he sought to lessen the likelihood to an acceptable chance as best he could. After all, simply leaving behind his friends and son due to over-confidence was not how he intended to die.

While he honed his skills, the man watched his son grow into an acceptable young man. The boy was diligent in his training and even expanded his repertoire to weaponry when he was physically strong enough to wield such tools. He certainly was not exceptional by any means, but he was special in his own right. Despite the dreary atmosphere of the land they lived in, Kichirou never seemed to mind and, in fact, enjoyed the constant storms. This fact alone gave him an advantage over many others: He could function fully regardless of the natural obstacles placed in front of him.

Eventually, the child became old enough that Kazuki believed it was time to explain their purpose in traveling. He explained to Kichirou his goal in its entirety. How he sought a means to more or less control the forces of nature on a grander scale so that a home could be made amidst the treacherous storms. Much of the Land of Lightning was nearly uninhabitable, especially the mountainous center region. Populating this area was his ultimate goal. To his surprise, young Kichirou, only thirteen years of age, accepted such a wild idea and even offered to aid in any means he could. This made the man proud in a way that could not be expressed in words. Perhaps his dream could become a reality, if not in his own time, but for the next generation.

Time progressed and the mans skills followed suit. A sense of nearing his goal began to overwhelm Kazuki. He felt that what he sought was finally within his grasp after nearly two decades of training. Due to this, he spent more time honing his skills. Without realizing it, the once calm man slowly became more and more anxious and irritable. While he normally trained those who asked for tutelage, he began to deny their requests, focusing on his own abilities more than ever. None dared to confront him, however. Something unsettled the man and that in turn unsettled the rest.

For several months, tensions were high while their accepted leader battled with himself. Many wild and varied rumours of his condition floated about amongst the group. Some believed he had finally lost his mind to power, others believed their travels or perhaps the land itself had changed him, while others yet believed it may have been something as simple as poor food. Regardless, their concerns soon came to end.

After climbing one of the highest mountains, history began to unfold rapidly. Kazuki stood upon the summit while his group stood and watched as he battled the storms above their very heads. Wind, Water and Lightning lashed out at the man violently, seeking to destroy him. However, he fought back, bending the elements to his will and commanding them to do his bidding. While the battle ensued only momentarily, to Kazuki it felt like combating an army by himself. Tackling the forces of nature was no easy task and yet he succeeded. The once raging skies calmed, splitting momentarily to allow the sun a feeble attempt to shine its light unhindered. He had finally achieved the seemingly impossible. He was unable to completely end the storms, but the rain and lightning lessened immensely. Dark clouds lingered and showers were common, but buildings could be constructed and life maintained.

Turning to face his people, Kazuki addressed them all, declaring this land their new home. What they sought after for so long was finally within grasp. With this said, the man immediately collapsed from exhaustion, but not without a smile broad across his face. He had finally accomplished his goal. There were no words for the happiness he felt at that very moment even if the feat left him completely drained. In fact, the difficulty made success only that much sweeter.

From that moment on, a village began to be constructed upon that very mountain top. It took years to build proper homes and markets through which the community could maintain itself, but all worked diligently to make it a success. Using his abilities, the newly appointed leader of the village, Kazuki , regularly calmed the skies above. The task originally left him drained, however he steadily honed the technique to where he could still function more and more effectively as time progressed.

Kumogakure was swiftly built and the title of Raikage was created for its leader. Schools of all sorts, artisans and merchants from all across the land gathered and made their homes within the ever growing community. What once was a desolate mountainous land slowly became a prosperous home for many, fellow shinobi included. This made filled Kazuki with the one of the greatest joys a man could feel; To feel he had truly accomplished something. To feel he had made an impact upon the world for the better.

It was during this time that he was given a second title. One that would eventually become his earned family name, Raijin: The God of Lightning. Not particularly fond of the name himself, he denied at the time, and even now, that he is anything of the sort. However, the name stuck and he slowly came to accept it as his own.

However, despite this, Kichirou seemed ever-distant in this newly formed home. Approaching his son with concern, the two spoke for many hours. They discussed many topics, conversed as men, not family. Finally, it was discerned that the boy, now edging toward the end of his second decade of life, would not be remaining with them. His place was not to sit idle, but to see the rest of the world and what it had to offer. Kazuki understood this sentiment even if he did not wish to accept it. Instead of openly accepting the boys wishes, he stated that weaklings that could not even aid their allies in maintaining their home had no place in his village, especially if that weakling would be his own son. In effect, the man disowned and exiled the boy on the spot, but for Kichirou's benefit.

On the night of the boys intended departure, Kazuki followed his son beyond the outer most gates to say his final words of farewell. It was here that he finally told the boy he was not his father, explaining how he had found him as a child and decided to raise him. To his surprise, the boy seemed unfazed by the story, claiming he had known for quite some time. To think, it felt as if only yesterday he was teaching a boy to count, and now he would be watching a man take the first steps of his own path. It was only after Kichirou expressed that, regardless of their lack of blood relation, Kazuki was still his father and the village was his family, the hardened man shed tears of joy. His son had grown to be a wise young man. Truly, their was no pride that could surpass what he felt at that moment.

As Kichirou turned to leave, Kazuki gave him his final parting words: "I have no need of weaklings in my Village.... However, should you find a strong man in need of a home in your travels, he will be welcomed with open arms." This statement was to welcome the boy back at any time should he feel his journey was complete. With that, the man gave a low bow to the boy as he proceeded down the mountain before turning his own back. He would make sure there was a home his son could return to in the future, even if that was long after his inevitable passing.

Since then, Kazuki maintained his position as Raikage and kept the storms in check. He once again took to aiding those around him in any fashion he could. Be it teaching the younger generation of shinobi his skills, helping with construction or simply playing shogi with the elderly. He still continued to practice his skills to better master control of the elements so that he could provide defense to the village as well as demonstrate the techniques to those still learning. After all, his family was the most important part of his life. He would pass down his knowledge to all that would accept it so that they could continue to protect their home for generations to come.

IC RP Sample:


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Name: HAYATO 隼人 m
隼 (haya) "falcon" and 人 (to) "person".



Gender: Male

Village: Cloud

Rank: Kage

Clan: Yotsubi (? only clan to appear from Kumo)

Kekkei Genkai:

Chakra Affinity: Lightning

Trainable Arts: sword fighting,




IC RP Sample:

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The First Raikage:
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