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The land of the ninja is a vast one, war scarring the lands at every turn. Where will your path lead you?
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 Chapter 1 - Part 2: The Clan Wars

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Chapter 1 - Part 2: The Clan Wars Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 1 - Part 2: The Clan Wars   Chapter 1 - Part 2: The Clan Wars EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 8:26 pm

With the death of the God of Ninja, the Nine Tailed Beasts were released into the world to act as they wished. At the beginning of this time of strife, there was no person strong enough and no technique capable of controlling or restricting them. Clan leaders could only dream of wielding such powers, and with this dream came increased rivalry and hostility, rather than bringing the Clans together under a shared goal. The world had no sense of unity. The Clans all felt superior in one way or another, and refused to look at their lives in any other way than the way that placed them at the top of things. In the years to come, it would prove to be their weakness, and in some cases, it would prove to be the source of their demise.

There were numerous Tailed Beast attacks all over the continent, and they occurred in rapid succession just after Lord Kage's death, and continued to happen for many years. Some of these fights ended in the retreat of the attacked Clan or Clans, clinging to their lives which they had barely managed to hang on to. Most of them ended with their complete destruction at the hands of the Chakra Monsters, their secrets and techniques being lost to the world, possibly forever. These new ninja didn't stand a ghost of a chance against these horribly powerful beasts. Not even against the least powerful One Tail could they hope to prevail, and it all boiled down to one reason; they refused to come together and unite as the God of Ninja had hoped they would.

For hundreds of years, people from all Clans continued to lose their lives to the merciless 9 Tailed Beasts. For hundreds of years, Clans continued to develop new techniques and abilities, they continued to grow stronger in the name of survival and power. They continued to foster their superiority complexes and their egos. It had gotten so bad that even in between the attacks of the Tailed Beasts, these ninja found time to attack each other and bring war amongst themselves, simply to prove their worth to the rest of the Ninja World.

The most notable rivalry of the times was between the Senju and Uchiha Clans, each known for their unparalleled skills and abilities. Theirs was so strong that, for a time, the fighting stopped. Even the Tailed Beasts were calmed. It was as if the animosity that had developed between the Senju and Uchiha was enough to feed all of the Chakra Monsters simultaneously. It brought about a sort of peace for anyone that wasn't a Senju or Uchiha, and in this time, they proved themselves to be the top Clans in the world. The Senju by managing to capture several of the Tailed Beasts, and the Uchiha by defeating and taking over less powerful Clans, amassing a roaming civilization. Nobody else could even dream of surviving against them, and nobody seemed to try.

Whether it was out of fear or out of a sense of defeat, many Clans broke apart and scattered all around the continent, some even beyond. They forgot the way of ninja and built countries where they could, for the most part, lead peaceful lives. This in turn gave birth to politics, something that could be considerably more dangerous than the competition between ninja. Underhanded schemes and desire for power ran rampant through all of the five most well established countries: The Land of Fire, the Land of Wind, the Land of Lightning, the Land of Earth, and the Land of Water. Not long after being formed, they made ninja a part of their politics, hiring them to be used as tools for sabotage, kidnapping, even assassination. As the Tailed Beast attacks began to occur once again, the world became a much more dangerous place than it had ever been before.

With this, the Senju approached the Uchiha with the offer of a truce, which stated them to be equals overall, even if each respective clan had its areas of expertise. Reluctantly, the Uchiha's leader agreed, and together they formed the Village Hidden in the Leaves within the Land of Fire, symbolizing both the Uchiha as Fire, and the Senju as Leaf.
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Chapter 1 - Part 2: The Clan Wars
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