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The land of the ninja is a vast one, war scarring the lands at every turn. Where will your path lead you?
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 Chapter 1 - Part 1: The Beginning of the Shinobi World

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Chapter 1 - Part 1: The Beginning of the Shinobi World Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 1 - Part 1: The Beginning of the Shinobi World   Chapter 1 - Part 1: The Beginning of the Shinobi World EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 8:26 pm

As long as there have been ninja in the world, there has been a history of how they came to be. This history, however, is thought of as a myth by most because of how far back in time it travels, and because of how fantastical it sounds to all that hear it. This is the Legend of the Beginning of the Shinobi World.

Legend has it that when the world was still young, it experienced its first era of war and carnage even before it had the chance to experience peace. This hostility was born of the desire for power, and the fear of death. The will to survive was strong in everyone who lived, and it proved to be a dangerous instinct. In the beginning the world wasn't very harsh, but over time the amount of bloodshed grew along with the increasing fear, and the people who lived began to kill each other with only one reason; to eliminate the enemy before the enemy eliminated them.

Eventually, people that shared common interests, ideals and attitudes towards the world began to come together in groups, and over time these groups grew to considerable size. All but one man in the entire world found himself aligned to a sort of Clan. This man was the key to changing the world as everyone knew it, and he could only pray to the Gods that the change he hoped to bring about would be for the best, and that it would lead to peace. If not in the present time, then somewhere in the future.

When the tensions were at their peaks, and the Clans were more afraid for their own survival than ever, an all out onslaught took place at the heart of the world, on a continent with varying landscapes and climates. Each Clan brought their most powerful members - men and women with the ability to use special powers - and used them to gain edges over their enemies. The man watched on from above, and after the seventh day of battle he could not allow it to continue further. His heart ached for these people, and he yearned to show them what only he knew. He descended from up above and came down in the middle of the battlefield, sending a powerful gust of wind in all directions to knock the people back and to gain their attention. Then, with a voice louder than any thought possible, he addressed them.

It was on that day that the Secret of the Shinobi was revealed to the world by the God of Ninja. The man, now referred to as Lord Kage because of the great shadow that he cast on the world, began to teach them about the Chakra that they all possessed within themselves, and he taught them everything about it and what they could do. They could wield the 5 elements of Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water with ease. They could stretch their shadows and project their minds, they could heal and they could call forth amazing creatures from anywhere. Some even found that they possessed special powers, carried in their blood. With this knowledge, Lord Kage hoped that they would be able to grow as people and to change the world for the better.

Unfortunately, his vision was not seen, his expectations were not met. The people used their new found knowledge to further the goals that they had held even before; they desired power and they desired to prove that they were the best, strongest students. Despite the protests of the God of Ninja, the people were stubborn and determined. The Clans spread out all over the globe to invent their own techniques and skills, to hone their crafts so that they would be able to defeat any that opposed them. The God of Ninja, saddened by what his gifts were being used for, sacrificed himself with the hope that his vision would one day be seen. With his sacrifice, he released 9 beings into the world, marked by the number of tails they possessed. Composed completely of Chakra and growing stronger with each tail possessed, Lord Kage hoped that they would be able to right his mistake, either by wiping out any trace of those who carried megalomaniacal ideals, or by bringing the world together against a common threat.
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Chapter 1 - Part 1: The Beginning of the Shinobi World
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