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 What Constitutes a Trainable Art?

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What Constitutes a Trainable Art? Empty
PostSubject: What Constitutes a Trainable Art?   What Constitutes a Trainable Art? EmptySun Mar 11, 2012 8:31 pm

Let's start with what a Trainable Art is, and what the point of having them is.

Basically, a Trainable Art is something that your character has spent a great deal of time studying and training in. Because of their dedication, they are better in the area then someone who has not spent time training into it, and in some cases, Trainable Arts allow a character skills that not every other person has.

The point of having these is so that it will be less likely for people to GodMod and make their character overpowered. Our hope is that it will act as a sort of balancing system that makes things fair without restricting everyone and making things boring.

For example, if Ninja BillyBob has the Trainable Art of Advanced Taijutsu, he will be faster, stronger and more adept at fighting than Ninja JimmyJoe, who does not have the Trainable Art of Advanced Taijutsu. That doesn't mean that JimmyJoe cannot use Taijutsu at all, it just means that it is not his specialty, and that he cannot use Advanced Taijutsu Techniques, such as the Front Lotus or the Leaf Whirlwind. He can, however, engage in Hand to Hand Combat.

In the canon world, an example of someone with the Trainable Art of Advanced Taijutsu would be Guy, Lee or even Neji. Someone without it would be like Asuma, who is not horrible at Taijutsu, but is also not excellent. The same idea goes for Advanced Genjutsu, but the examples would be Kurenai and Jiraiya, respectively.

There are, however, some things that will not require you to take up a Trainable Art. These things are:

Use of your Chakra Affinity(ies) to learn Elemental Ninjutsu in its/their area(s).

Kekkei Genkai and Hiden Jutsu.

Use of weapons such as kunai, shurken, paper bombs, etc. Wielding a sword or another type of weapon falls here as well, but to use it in a fighting style, you need Advanced Taijutsu.

General Ninjutsu. Things like Academy Techniques, Shadow Clones, and other Ninjutsu that do not fall under a specific area. Forbidden Ninjutsu will require Admin approval.

So basically, below are the site's Trainable Arts. If you have suggestions for other, please let the Admins know.

Any Elemental Ninjutsu Style that is not your Chakra Affinity(ies). If you have Fire Affinity, but wanted to learn Earth, you would need to have an Earth Style Trainable Art.

Advanced Genjutsu. Having this Trainable Art means you can actually cast Genjutsu other than the basic Academy Level Techniques, and that you will be able to more easily recognize and dispel Genjutsu that are cast on you. It also gifts you with amazing Chakra Control and attention to detail, which is necessary for a Genjutsu user.

Advanced Taijutsu. Having this Trainable Art means that you are faster, stronger and more adept at fighting than the average ninja who does not not have this Trainable Art. It also allows you to learn more complicated Taijutsu Styles and Techniques, be they Hand to Hand or making use of weapons, both long range and close range.

Ninja Art. This is for any Style of Ninja Art you wish to learn outside of a Clan or Kekkei Genkai. It would be similar to Utakata's Bubble Ninjutsu, or Konan's Paper Ninjutsu. If you are part of a Clan, you do not need this to learn the Clan's Techniques. This is for other Ninja Art that follow a particular theme, and are not a Release/Style.

Medical. Having this Trainable Art means that your character has been trained in the Medical Field. They are able to use various Medical Techniques, and also have advanced knowledge of herbal medicines, poisons, antidotes and their various uses and applications. It gifts them with incredible Chakra Control, which aids them in all aspects of being ninja.

Puppet Master. Possessing this Trainable Art means that you are familiar with the creation of puppets, and means that you are able to learn the Puppet Master Jutsu, which allows you to manipulate puppets with Chakra Strings. It also allows you to have knowledge of traps and tricks. Ninja with this Trainable Art can be very dangerous, depending on their imaginations.

Tracking. Having this Trainable Art means that you have extensive survival and tracking training. You are able to track a person through various means, such as detecting depressions in the dirt that might be foot prints, picking up on crushed leaves or broken twigs and branches, etc. Some even have enhanced senses of smell. You are also able to cover your own tracks to all but the best Tracker Ninja, such as the Hunter-Nin from Kirigakure, or ANBU Ninja.

Animal Companion. Having this Trainable Art means that you have the ability to train animals to be your companions. These animals can be virtually any type, be they land, air or sea creatures. It can even extend to the use of various types of bugs. They can be used in battle or out of battle, and have varying use and effectiveness based on type and size. This Trainable Art is not required if you are part of a Clan that makes use of animals or bugs. Allowed up to 4 companions.

Sensory. This Trainable Art allows you to sense and track other ninja, sometimes even animals. There are various people with this ability, each having a different distance that they can use it in, a different level of skill and different ranges of abilities that are granted to them as Sensor Ninja. It all depends on how sensitive the person is, and what their sensor technique and its capabilities are.

Sealing Ninjutsu. The ability to perform Sealing Ninjutsu is quite rare in the Ninja World, except for those of the Uzumaki Clan in the Land of Whirlpools. Sealing Ninjutsu allows a person to literally seal anything into a person or thing, or unseal something. Having this Trainable Art also allows one to create their own seals. Also allows a person to use Barrier Ninjutsu.

Nintaijutsu. This Trainable Art allows you to combine Ninjutsu and Taijutsu into one dangerous form of fighting. It required Advanced Taijutsu and some type of Ninjutsu to be known by the character so that they'll have something to incorporate. This is a very difficult Trainable Art, but can be very useful and very powerful when used properly, as the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Kekkei Tota. A Kekkei Tota is an advanced form of a Kekkei Genkai. So far, Kekkei Tota's are seen to be the combination of three Chakra Natures, and are very advanced, meaning they must take up a Trainable Art. The only known Kekkei Tota is Dust Release, and it is unknown what Kekkei Genkai it is advanced from. If you wish, you may create one to be approved by the Admins.

Tailed Beast Skills. This Trainable Art is only accessible to those who are Jinchuuriki, or hosts of a Tailed Beast. It allows them to make use of their Tailed Beast's power, partially and fully, without losing control of themselves to the Tailed Beast. Required a friendship and understanding between the two, and Admin approval for both becoming a Tailed Beast, and achieving this Trainable Art. Cannot have when starting.

Space-Time Ninjutsu. This Trainable Art is one of the most complicated to exist in the Ninja World. It has to do with manipulating Space, and sometimes Time, meaning it is very dangerous and very difficult to master. It also requires a great deal of Chakra and Chakra Control, and often requires Sealing Knowledge. Requires Admin/Kage NPC Approval. Cannot have when starting.

Senjutsu. The ability to perceive and absorb Natural Energy from the world. Having this ability makes one a Sage, a very powerful being. Senjutsu has many uses and abilities, such as increased range of attacks and Chakra sensing, as well as increased stamina, speed and strength among other things. One must learn this from the Great Toad, Slug or Snake Sages. Requires Admin Approval. Cannot have when starting.

Cursed Seals. A type of Forbidden Sealing Technique that can be very difficult to achieve, as well as dangerous, some being life threatening. They grant the receiver immense power, assuming they survive the process of the seal being placed. These techniques have not yet been invented, and will not be available unless they are invented. Creation and receiving required Admin Approval. Cannot have when starting.

Secret Village Arts. A Village's most powerful and secret techniques. Often kept secret and known only to the Kage, and sometimes not even the Kage knows them all for they are dangerous and difficult to perform. Learning these secret techniques requires Admin/Kage NPC Approval, which must be RPed out. Cannot have when starting.
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What Constitutes a Trainable Art?
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