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The land of the ninja is a vast one, war scarring the lands at every turn. Where will your path lead you?
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 Original Clan and Kekkei Genkai Templates

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Original Clan and Kekkei Genkai Templates Empty
PostSubject: Original Clan and Kekkei Genkai Templates   Original Clan and Kekkei Genkai Templates EmptySun Mar 11, 2012 7:18 pm


Name: The Family Name of your Clan.
Village: What Hidden Village does it belong to, if any?
Status: Is it open for people to join, or would you rather not allow people to join or need to request permission from you?
Description: Describe what your Clan is like. General appearances, personalities, anything like that.
History: What has your Clan been through, specifically during the Clan Wars?
Secret Techniques: Techniques only your Clan can use, such as the Shadow Ninja Arts of the Nara. This is not for Kekkei Genkai.
Extra: Is there anything else we should know about your Clan? No need to mention Kekkei Genkai here, just use the template below.

Kekkei Genkai:

Name: What is the name of your Kekkei Genkai? If in Japanese, please provide an English translation.
Description: What is it that your Kekkei Genkai does? How do you use it? What are its capabilities?
Forms: What forms does it take? Is it a Dojutsu, some sort of Elemental Kekkei Genkai, or something else? List any and all here.
Extra: Anything that may not fit in the above section.
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Original Clan and Kekkei Genkai Templates
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