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 Character Creation Rules [Read Last]

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Character Creation Rules [Read Last] Empty
PostSubject: Character Creation Rules [Read Last]   Character Creation Rules [Read Last] EmptySat Mar 10, 2012 9:03 pm

So hopefully you've already read over and gotten the gist of the Site and Cbox Rules, as well as the Roleplay Rules. If you haven't please go ahead and check them out before reading any further in this thread. If you're having trouble, feel free to ask in the Cbox or PM an Administrator or Moderator.

If you have read them and understand them clearly, then welcome to Character Creation, where you'll start creating the original character with which you will RP and interact with others. It's all fairly simple, but if you need any help at all, the Cbox is full of helpful people, and Admins and Mods will be more than happy to assist.

First off, here is the character template that you'll be using:


To create your character, fill each section out, and if there is a section that does not apply to your character, such as the Clan or Kekkei Genkai areas, just put 'N/A' (Not Applicable). Below, each section will be explained so as to hopefully make it easier for you to fill them out.

Name: This is really simple, its just the name you're going to give your character. What they will be known as officially.

Alias: This can be really anything. A nickname, a title that has been given to your character. If they're known as something like "The Yellow Flash" as Minato was, for example.

Age: Still really simple, just how old your character is.

Gender: Is your character a boy or a girl? Or are they maybe somewhere in between? Whatever you want xD

Village: What Hidden Village is your character part of? Are they even part of any Hidden Village?

Rank: Is your character a Genin, a Chunin, or a Jonin? Make sure you detail their rising through the ranks in your history if they're Chunin or Jonin.

Clan: You can be part of any Canon Clan from the series, but make sure you are in whatever Hidden Village they are part of, unless you have good reason to be in a different Village/are a rogue. Clan gives you access to Hiden Techniques, or for some, Kekkei Genkai.

If you choose, you can fill out a Clan Creation Template (found here) and submit an Original Clan to Administration by posting it in your bio for approval. If approved, you can have a character be part of that Clan instead of a Canon Clan. Or if you prefer, don't be part of any Clan at all.

Kekkei Genkai: Your Clan's Bloodline Limit. If your character possesses a Canon Kekkei Genkai, just put the name here. If you submit an Original Clan with a Kekkei Genkai fill out the Template (found here) and paste it into your bio. If your character has no Kekkei Genkai, simply put 'N/A'.

There will be rare times when we might allow a completely unique Kekkei Genkai that only your character has, but we will only accept it if the Template is written well and explained fully, and it does not seem to be broken, overpowered, or something that doesn't seem like it would be possessed by only one person. There will only be a very few of these accepted, if any.

Chakra Affinity: The Chakra Affinity that you are born with. Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Water. You may only have one, unless you are born with a Kekkei Genkai that gives you two upon birth (Wood Release, Ice Release, etc), but these two must be the ones that go with the Kekkei Genkai.

On this site, for characters using the Scorch, Explosion and Magnet Releases, since the actual Elemental Combinations are unknown, we have decided which elements they will combine. Scorch will be a combination of Fire and Wind, Explosion will be a combination of Fire and Lightning, and Magnet will be a combination of Earth and Lightning.

Trainable Arts: Every character will have areas that they specialize in, and that is what Trainable Arts are going to be. The list of Trainable Arts can be found here, or if you have a suggestion for a Trainable Art, feel free to let us know. We have not determined a set number of Trainable Art slots at the current time, but as a general rule, stick to three. We will ask individuals to adjust the number on a case-by-case basis until we set a certain limit.

Try not to go overboard on adding Trainable Arts to your character. The point of having them is to make characters balanced and not OP, so we will definitely take them into consideration when approving or asking you to edit your character. If you write your character well, and can explain why your character is as talented as you might want them to be, then we will take that into consideration as well.

Also, if you wish to be a Jinchuuriki of your village upon joining, place that Trainable Art here. It doesn't mean you begin being able to control or use the power of your Bijuu, but it means you will be able to learn. Whether or not you are accepted is dependent on how well your bio is written, whether or not the spot is filled, and whether or not you will be active enough. If you come to not be able to be active enough, let us know and we will see what we can do. If you up and disappear, the beast will be unsealed from you and stored or transferred to someone else. This will likely kill your character.

Description: What does your character look like, how do they act? Talk about what they wear, how they dress for different times, their personality and how they react to different things. Try to write at least three paragraphs with five or six sentences each.

What types of weapons does your character carry? You don't have to mention kunai and shuriken here, since those are used by pretty much all ninja. Talk more about specialized ninja tools like senbon and paper bombs, or even larger weapons like swords and bows.

What has your character been through? What significant things have molded and shaped who they are presently? Try to write at least four paragraphs with five to six sentences each, and try to include things about the site's History and what was going on before the Village System was created.

IC RP Sample:
We just want a writing sample in character to see what your writing ability is like. This will help us determine whether we accept your character, or if we want to ask you to change anything.

These will be the techniques that your character is capable of using. Everyone is allowed to choose 15 techniques when creating a character, and these do not include E Ranked Academy Techniques, meaning that you can have all 'Academy' Techniques as well as 15 of your choice. You can use any canon technique aside from people's signature techniques which will be listed below. You can also create Original Techniques, but you must use the Jutsu Template (found here). Please list any Canon Techniques first, then place the templates for your Original Techniques below. Please have an even balance of powerful and basic moves, because if you don't we'll make it a point to make you balance them before approving you.

Nonexistent Techniques:

Chidori Variations
Rasengan Variations
Flying Thunder God Technique
Impure World Resurrection
Yin Seal/Creation Rebirth/Mitotic Regeneration
Yin Healing Wound Destruction
Lightning Armor
Black Lightning

As far as this site's history is concerned, these techniques do not exist at all. However, that does not mean they can't be invented. If your character comes to be powerful and renowned, you may be given permission to create these, or even your own signature techniques.

There are also many restricted techniques, such as the Shadow and Multi Shadow Clone Jutsus, among others. There are probably too many to list, but they're the techniques that might be considered Forbidden and not listed above, or the techniques that are not the easiest to learn, and that not everybody is capable of learning or allowed to learn. If you have one, we'll let you know, and approval of you having these techniques is dependent on how good your bio is.

Also, if you want a summon you'll have to wait. You'll have to go through a small plot to find and discover the summon, and then sign the contract with them. This will be a small plot and will not take very long. We will make sure it goes as quickly as it possibly can, and get you your summon and summoning technique squared away quickly. Before taking part in a Summoning Plot, you'll have to submit the summon to Administration via PM for approval.
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Character Creation Rules [Read Last]
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