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 Roleplay Rules

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Takumi Senju
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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Roleplay Rules EmptyFri Mar 09, 2012 2:20 am

Alright, so hopefully you've read the Site and Cbox Rules, and if you haven't, are going to read them after reading these. This thread is dedicated to our Roleplay Rules. Like with the Site and Cbox Rules, please do your best to follow them, but don't stress if you make a mistake. We're all human... I think.

So to start, don't try to be Ninja Jesus. You would think that'd be common sense, but we've been finding that it really isn't. Don't try to make your character a God, don't try to be overpowered, and don't ever, ever, ever GodMod (GM). GodModing will land you in serious trouble very quickly, so don't do it. We understand if you're new to RP and make a mistake, but if you do, try to learn not to do it quickly.

For those who don't know GMing is when you take control of a character other than your own. If you RP with someone and control their actions, if you're in a fight and you automatically hit the opponent without giving them a chance to dodge, or you dodge every single attack without a hitch, then you're GMing. Oh, and if you try to say that you've killed someone, and the other doesn't approve of you killing their character, that's GMing. Don't do it. Kthx.

As was mentioned earlier, do not try to make your character Ninja Jesus. Try to limit yourself in making your character. If you try to make one that is incredibly OP, Staff may or may not hold it against you, and you will definitely not be approved until it is fixed. Speaking of being approved, you are not allowed to Roleplay on the site until you have been approved by two Administrators, and when you are approved the profile will be locked so that you cannot sneak anything in. Even after your character is accepted, there is a one week "probation period" before you will be approved fully. This is so that we can make sure that nothing in your profile was missed or misunderstood by Administration, specifically OP Abilities. And to be clear, you ARE allowed to RP before this week is up. In fact, we encourage it.

As for actual RPing, please try to keep everything appropriate and, for the most part, keep the content clean. Don't commit suicide, don't rape people, and if you're going to do anything adult like have sex, have your thread title edited to say "MATURE" if you're going to RP it out in a thread, or take it to PMs/off-site messenger.

As for actual characters and plot on the board, we have rules about those too. To start, you are only allowed to create two characters on the board at the start of your time here. In order to make a third, each character must have at least 100 posts and a month of activity before we approve of a third, so that we know you are active and can handle a third. In order to have more than three, you must follow the same rules.

When it comes to plots, the Admins will try to keep things fun and exciting with something of a continuous story line, but ideas are always welcome. Feel free to submit any ideas to us, and we will try to work with you on them. If you try to go about a plot or arc that has not been approved by the 4 Admins, it will be made void, as if it never happened.

Also, try to be considerate and don't make people wait forever if you're in a plot that has multiple people. A general rule is that if it is your turn to post, and you don't post in 48 hours, your turn is skipped and onto the next one. However, people can lengthen or shorten the time for their own plots.

In summation:

Don't try to make your character OP
Don't GodMod
Don't try to give your character anything that isn't approved by Administration
Try to keep everything appropriate, and if anything is gonna get hot and heavy, label the thread "MATURE" or take it to PMs/off-site messenger
Two characters only, unless approved for more
Make sure all plots and/or arcs are approved by Administration before going through with them
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Roleplay Rules
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